The braces are on!

So the day finally came and my braces have officially been put on! The whole process took about an hour and didn’t hurt at all. Patty, who is our clinical coordinator, assisted Dr. Holliday with the whole process of putting my braces on. I had to make sure that I stayed very still and to relax my tongue because my teeth had to stay very dry, otherwise, the brackets will not stay on.

Here’s Patty and I before we put the braces on:

This is how the brackets look like before they’re on my teeth. I decided to choose the Damon Clear brackets. With Damon Clear, only the upper brackets are clear:

While putting my braces on, we managed to take a few pictures:

After the braces were put on, my teeth only hurt for the first 2 days but I took some Ibuprofen and the pain went away. The reason why it hurts for the first couple of days is because my teeth are getting used to the pressure from the brackets and believe it or not, my teeth are already beginning to move! It’s been 3 days and others and myself are already beginning to notice changes! Remember, no pain equals no gain. I’ll be back often to post more pictures of my progress and how my teeth are changing. Stay tuned!

And this is how my teeth look like with the braces on:

The pink things around the brackets on my lower teeth are color elastics that you can choose to put on your braces or not. We have many colors to choose from and I decided to go with pink.